Food & Beverages

Although La Vita specializes in Italian coffee and food; however in order to satisfy the majority of our customer we extended our menu offering to include a wide range of food and beverages while still maintaining the high quality and freshness of our products. Apart from providing different espresso based beverages made out of premium Arabica coffees, we also provide non-coffee blended beverages hot chocolate drinks, smoothies, flavored teas, iced drinks and La Vita’s unique fresh juice cocktails.

Our food offering include baked pastries, famous Italian Ciabatta sandwiches, Salads, Pizzas, Pastas, Soups and Steaks.

Part of being unique in the market we kept our menu offerings flexible to the neighborhood the store located in, in order to attend to the needs of customers La Vita is serving. (Please check the menu at each store for details of our menu offering)

We are proud for using only 100% organic and fair trade coffee beans in our drinks. We recognise that for sustainable high quality coffee it is essential that farmers and farmers’ communities be rewarded for maintaining standards, not just of coffee but also of the farm and social conditions in which coffee is grown. We source high quality coffee at premium prices which acts as a major incentive for growers to maintain these